Friday, 15 January 2010

Clubshop and Shaun Smith

Yes I am having fun with whay I'm doing on the internet at the moment but am I making money?
I'm very happy in my day to day job and I have two boys under four so I don't get much chance to "Make Money Online".

I've been into Network Marketing since I was 18, NSA the air purifiers, ACN the telecoms and the wonderful Discount Home Shoppers Club.
I'm so excited about the Club Rewards Card that the DHS have to offer so if you'd like more info on making money on line and OFF LINE get yourself a Free DHS Club Membership and I'll be in touch.

So FUN I'm looking for, so is it right to say more FUN = WANT MORE MONEY?

With less bonuses paid out and pay increases frozen people are looking for that extra bit of cash to have some FUN.
For FUN see - holiday, new car, cash for days out, nights out with the love of your life etc etc.

So last week the love of my life set me a challenge, see my Blog
 and my first port of call was Shaun Smiths 700inaday course. I recommend it and it is the first step for me to have more FUN.

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